En Comic Con olycka har hänt

Igår  tragiskt förlorade vi ett Twilight fan till en hemsk olycka. Med mer information framväxande vi vet att Gisella G. var fanet som gått bort Gisella var 53 och gick med namnet  "G". Hon var även medlem av Twifans och kommer att saknas av alla.
Summit Entertainment  har släppt ett officiellt uttalande :
Lionsgate, Summit and the entire Twilight community are saddened by the death of a Comic-Con fan today due to a traffic accident during the hours leading up to this year’s convention in San Diego.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends.  She will be respectfully remembered this Thursday in Hall H.
Här är lite info om hur det gick till :
A few details about Gisella's accident: First, let me explain what was happening this morning re the line. Security decided we had to move once again and told us it would be an hour before we would do so. She went with friends across the street thinking there would be plenty of time before they had to return. Security then came back and told everyone they had decided to move us in 20 minutes. They were rushing back to the line to gather their things to move.

I received info from someone who went with her to the hospital that they were rushing across the street, the car turned in front of her, she made eye contact with the driver, she tried to stop to avoid the car, stumbled and fell hitting her head on the pavement. The car didn't hit her.

The media was already here at the convention center so they were on scene at the intersection trying to interview us "are you a friend? tell us about her. did you see the accident?" and trying to interview the poor devastated driver and his family. It was so intrusive.

Yesterday I wasn't happy about the need to come so early to line up and camp out for the panel on Thursday. Now I'm glad I did because I had the opportunity to talk and laugh with Gisella, L & J, because they were sitting next to us in line...it will always be a treasured memory.

This horrible accident has caused all of us in line to bond and be even closer. Lots of tears and hugs and we are planning to honor Gisella in some way tonight or tomorrow.

Please remember her family and friends in your prayers.

Imorgon 12 Juli från 12:45 till 1:45 så komemr Comic Con vara. REdan nu (ochi går) så har fans börjat köa.
// Prietha
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