Ta igen allt om Cosmopolis!

Jag har inte tid att lägga upp Robs intervjuer + bilder osv så här är länkar till videor, bilder och intervjuer! :) Det är allt från Cosmopolis premiären till hans tv intervjuer :
Cosmopolis Premiere

Master Post 1 - More than 250 HQ pictures + MQ pictures, fan pictures and videos
Master Post 2 - More than 290 HQ pictures from the premiere + new videos
Master Post 3 - More than 160 New HQs and video

Interviews from the Premiere

E!Online - What would Rob say to his fans outside the premiere? NEW: Added more from his interview - talks about what atracts him on scripts
Extra TV - Rob talks about his fans and walks away at the end of the interview
ET Online - Rob talks about filming in the limo and working with Cronenberg
Zoominuk - Rob talks about working with Cronenberg
Associated Press - Rob talks about sex scenes
Reuters - Rob talks about the fans supporting Cosmopolis
Various media outlets - ShainaTV video - Rob talks about New York and Cosmopolis
MTV - Cute interview, Rob talks about the pressure is all on David "It's his movie"
Access Hollywood - Rob talks about Cosmopolis and the fans' support

Cosmopolis NYC Junket

NEW The Playlist - Rob talks about The Rover and Mission: Blacklist
NEW LA Times - Rob and Cronenberg talk about Cosmopolis, tabloids, fame, money, the media culture, Twilight, and paparazzi.
Associated Press - Rob and David talk about Cosmopolis, reading reviews and how they deal with money.
Next Movie - Rob and David discuss Cosmopolis, reactions to the movie and more
Cosmopolis Facebook - Rob and David answer facebook fan questions
Moviefone - Rob and Cronenberg talk about Cosmopolis, having his hair cut for the movie, NYSE and more.
TIME - Rob and Cronenberg talk about Cosmopolis (hilarious convo about the sex scenes and prostate exam), Map to the Stars, Mission Blacklist and The Rover
Showbiz Tonight - Preview - Preview of the interview. Interviewer asks if Rob is okay.
First Picture of Rob and Cronenberg from the Cosmopolis NYC Junket - Picture of Rob and Cronenberg's interview with Showbiz Tonight

Rob and Cronenberg Ring the Opening Bell at NYSE

Rob and David Cronenberg ringing the opening bell at NYSE - HQ pictures, fan pictures and video
New Pictures of Rob Leaving NYSE and Heading to the Cosmopolis Junket and Video - Smiley Rob leaving the NYSE and heading to the press junket 

Cosmopolis Times Talks Q&A

Cosmopolis Times Talks Q&A with Rob and Cronenberg - Video of the full Q&A, HQ pictures, fan pictures and screencaps NEW: Added more pictures of Rob arriving at the Q&A at the top of the post

MTV First: Robert Pattinson

NEW MTV First: Robert Pattinson - Videos of the full interview and pictures. Rob talks Cosmopolis, The Rover, Mission: Blacklist, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, writing music and a lot more UPDATED: Added 2 more portraits (scroll to "Pictures"

TV Appearences

Good Morning America - HD video, HQ pictures, fan pictures and HD screencaps of Rob's interview on GMA. NEW: Added 10 more HQ pictures of Rob arriving at ABC studios
HQ Stills of Rob on Good Morning America - HQ stills from Rob's interview
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - HD video and screencaps of Rob's interview with Jon Stewart

People talking about Rob

NEW Gilt - Denise Cronenberg talks about Rob's style in 'Cosmopolis' and off-camera
E!Online - Sarah Gadon, David Cronenberg and Paul Giamatti talk about Rob
Movie Bytes - Cronenberg and Rob co-stars talk about him
ET Online - Paul Giamatti, Cronenberg, Sarah Gadon and Emily Hampshire talk about Rob
ZoominUK - Cronenberg and Sarah talk about working with Rob
Paul Giamatti talks about Rob with GMA - Paul talks about not knowing who Rob was + New Cosmopolis clip
Paul Giamatti talks about Rob with Access Hollywood - Paul talks about Rob - says he's great


NEW Rob in NYC on August 16 - Pictures of Rob in NYC on August 16 with Bobby Long.
HQ Stills of Rob on Good Morning America - HQ stills from Rob's interview
Rob in NYC on August 14 - Pictures and Video of Rob in NYC during Cosmopolis Junket 
Rob in NYC on August 14 - Night - Rob in NYC after a day of Cosmopolis Junket NEW: Added 8 more pictures at the top - Rob with Bobby Long and video
// Prietha


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